26 May, 2009

Oh Ye of Little Faith!

It's funny you know, how revelations come to us at the damnedest times.

I was just now preparing to leave the house to run some errands when I witnessed two ladies, each carrying a bible clutched to their (I'm certain) pure breasts, approach my front door, pause, and then turn away without knocking or ringing the doorbell.

About four years ago, tired of door to door salespeople and Mormons and other assorted proselytizers disturbing my dinner, work, or peace of mind on a fairly regular basis, I posted a "No Solicitors" sign on my front door which reads in part:

" ...If your purpose is religious, to tell us about God’s love or convince us we need Jesus to be our personal savior, please don’t knock. Instead, bow your head and pray as sincerely and intently as possible for this door to disappear. When it does, feel free to come on in...we will definitely want to hear what you have to say!"

Now here's where the revelation thing comes in...

I have seen at least a dozen different religious types...usually with bible in tow...walk up to my front door, full of the holy spirit and determined to win a convert for their particular god or version thereof, only to stop, read my little sign, then turn and quietly depart.


If they really believed they served an omniscient god who answered prayer, why leave? Why not bow their heads and pray for my door to disappear?

The only answer possible is that not a single one of them had nearly as much faith in their god and his powers as they would have others believe. When the best opportunity they'd ever had to prove everything they claim about their god presented itself they faltered, unwilling to put their faith to a real test.

Imagine that.

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  1. First, what a fantastic idea for a "no solicitors" sign!

    Second, imagine that, indeed. Not enough faith in their faith. Even when I did believe (I was "born again" in high school for a very short period of time!), I knew deep down it was malarkey. I think that deep down in the part of the brain they are trying to suppress, those believers who aren't mentally ill or retarded know it, too.



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