04 June, 2009

Random Thoughts...

We have two rescued greyhounds - each totally different.

Nellie (the fawn female) is almost cat-like -- playful, high-spirited, and independent.

Bugsy (the other one) on the other hand is so incredibly needy -- requiring constant attention, recognition, and reassurance. So much so in fact that I'm thinking of changing his name to God. (Or maybe Barrack...is there really much difference?)

And speaking of PBO -- In Egypt, he told Muslims the U.S. is not "...hostile to the traditions of Islam."

Well if we're not, we sure as hell should be, because Islam is completely hostile to everything that defines Western civilization: liberty, human rights, science, and philosophy. If we fail to oppose its brutal, medieval mythology at every turn, we will effectively be condemning our granddaughters to wearing Burkas and ending up as the property of some thug with a bronze-age worldview.

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