21 February, 2011

The Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound...

10. They truly know the meaning of retirement. 

9. People will stare at your dog instead of at you. 

8. They can curl up to the size of a ball if they need to. 

7. They can expand to the size of the whole bed if they want to. 

6. They don't bark, keeping your neighborhood safe for burglars. 

5. You can play their ribs like an air guitar. 

4. They are the only dogs that know how to really smile. 

3. You can dress them up as a reindeer for Christmas. 

2. They are never confused with poodles. 

1. A Greyhound in flight is the most amazing sight you'll ever hope to see in your own back yard.

1 comment:

  1. For better or worse, unlike Ol' Rex, your greyhound will catch the squirrels it chases.


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