01 June, 2012

What Carnivores and Prey Animals Can Teach Each Other

A "Science and Religion" blog is running a "discussion" under the following headline:
What Believers and Atheists Can Teach Each Other

Taking their lead, I just might do a bit and title it "What Carnivores and Prey Animals Can Teach Each Other".  Seriously!

The only thing a religious person can teach me is how they have finally decided to keep their cosmic fantasies to themselves, which means from this moment forward refraining from attempts to impose their peculiar world views on others in general, and me in particular, whether through government mandates, undermining of the educational process, especially as it pertains to Science, and/or one or another form of ecclesiastical imperialism.

I am, by the way, most ready to return the favor. As soon as the religious get out of my face, I swear to stop bitching about them being in my face.  It only seems fair.


  1. I'm just tired of pretending, for politeness' sake, that religious delusions are just as valid as reality. I mean, seriously, it's ridiculous and destructive.


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