08 April, 2009

Obamanomics - They Don't Get It!

Yesterday the Federal Reserve reported that Americans had reduced their borrowing month over month by 3.5%, while at the same time increasing their savings.  This, of course, in response to the fiscal maelstrom swirling around us and its resultant recession.

All of which raises a question in my mind:  How is it that ordinary folks like you and me can figure out the proper response to the situation we are in, but all the PHDs, MBAs, and assorted other economic dream team members in Obama's D.C. insist on spending like there's no tomorrow?

But there will be a tomorrow, lots of them, and not only will you and I pay the price of this Government-as-the-Answer-to-Everything insanity in Obamaland through much higher taxes and greatly reduced economic growth (and jobs), but so will our children and our grandchildren...who by then may be paying rent to the Chinese Communists.

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