29 December, 2010

Mea Culpa. Sort of.

Ok, so I am usually critical of government, government programs, and especially government employees.  I need to slightly modify my schtick, and here's why:

Last week I put a hold on our mail delivery because we were planning to spend this week in Key West.  Then, on Christmas, my mother-in-law died and the trip was off.

Consequently, on Sunday, I cancelled the hold mail request.

Monday no mail came.  Ok, it may take a while for the cancellation to make its way through the system.

Tuesday, still no mail.  Hmmmm...

Today, our mail carrier whizzed by our mailbox again, so I flagged her down.  No, she reported, she had not gotten word of the cancellation, but would start our delivery tomorrow.  Government.

An hour ago our doorbell rang; it was our carrier, with her private vehicle and on her way home for the day, dropping off our accumulated mail.  Damn!

Is there any way just to make this woman President for life?

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  1. She's either very good at her job or hasn't noticed your yard signs.


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