06 April, 2012

You gotta wonder...

I spent 10 years living  in Gainesville, FL (Go Gators!) before settling at least temporarily just north of Dallas, TX.  Occasionally however, our of morbid curiosity I suppose, I like to check out the latest news on the Gainesville Sun website.  This morning I was not to be disappointed.

Item the First: Apparently the pizza wars have heated up, at least in Lake City, FL. It seems two former managers of the area Domino's franchise are in the local jail awaiting trial on arson charges.  You guessed it, when the local Papa John's began to cut into their sales (and bonuses) they decided the best approach would be to, ah, eliminate the competition.  Gas cans with finger prints left at the scene are just some of the evidence involved.

And Number Two:  A Gainesville area man's body has been pulled from an underwater cave in one of the many natural springs that dot the Gainesville area.  Friends and family said that the diver "died doing what he loved most".  Which, it seems from the number of similar deaths that occur every year from the same pursuit, was being incredibly stupid.

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